September Visit

It was not quite the end of summer and a perfect day to visit John’s Garden at Ashwoods Nurseries when  over 30 of us were welcomed by John and his 2 dogs.

The first thing he made clear to us was that “a garden is not a museum”.

Our tour took us by the hedge  of small leaved holly which was being cloud pruned and John said it looked particularly nice with frost on it.

The garden took us by the new bed being made for T.V. Great British Gardens  season by Season by his friend Carol Klein and also help he has had from the Princess Sturdza the great French Garden Designer.

“There are no rights or wrongs, it’s what you like “; he plants a lot of spring bulbs, and the white Autumn Crocus looked lovely underneath the white washed bark of the Silver Birch trees.

Excerpt from newsletter article by Anne Clendon B.E.M