March Meeting 2018

The 17th March was a very cold day – and I was not surprised that the hedgehogs didn’t want to get up! The 3 that were there (knitted) were very attractive and friendly.  Fortunately for us Gordon Malt stepped in and was able to give us an informative illustrated talk on “Climbing and Wall Plants”.

Gordon said that the mode of climbing dictates the type of support. e.g. a brick wall or a freestanding structure such as a pergola and he showed us slides of very well planted clematis, with their twining leaf structure growing up the vertical and horizontal wires.

It is important to keep the plant stem l foot (30cm) away from a wall/fence and angle the plant towards the support when planting. It is also important to give the plants a good mulch.

Excerpt from Newsletter Article by Anne Clendon


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