March Meeting 2019

Neil outlined the history of Hanbury Hall, from it’s building in the early 1700’s, through it’s ups and downs, and passing on to the National Trust. But the main part of his talk was about the restoration of the gardens which he has overseen and been central to over the past 30 years. Neil was justifiably proud of his involvement and his achievement.

When Neil moved to Hanbury from Waddesden in the mid 1980’s, Hanbury was having around 20,000 visitors a year. There was no garden to speak of, it had all been grassed over, but the Trust had drawings of the early gardens, and with the aid of a legacy, and with Neil as the Head Gardener, they set about a major restoration. Now 30 years later, they have a restored garden and a restored house, and visitor numbers above 200,000 a year.

Excerpt from Newsletter Article by David West

The talk was followed by the most delicious tasting cakes as we helped one of our members celebrate his 80th birthday.

Next  month we start our outdoor meetings with the first visits to gardens in Gloucestershire