June Garden Visits

We visited Yew Tree Cottage Haughton on a lovely sunny morning.

The cottage garden was framed by yew hedges and accessed by bright grass paths.   Plants filled the beds, tumbling over each other in the sort of informality that we all know isn’t easy to achieve.

Back to the house clothed with climbers. A hydrangea and an akebia (a personal favourite of mine with its dainty, waxy  flowers in late spring) and a rose arbour.  Then we were sitting sipping from china cups under a terrace of vines and eating very special  cake: courgette, parsnip and maple syrup or beetroot and fruit.

Excerpt from Newsletter article by Sheila Thomas

The afternoon visit took place at the garden of two of our members and is always popular as it gives everyone a chance to purchase quality plants at a reasonable price which generates funds to pay for our winter speakers.

The bell was rung around 2.30pm and off we went. There was lots of activity around the plant tables no-one fighting over plants this year!  Some liked just to watch.    At this juncture I would like to thank Heather, Carol, Angela, Milly and everyone else who helped load the plants onto the tables, then with the sale and afterwards clearing up. We have a great group of people who all help with every event we hold

Excerpt from Newsletter article by Paulette Colley

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