January Meeting 2020

Snowdrops from Landscape to a Cabinet of Curiosities – A talk by Eddie Roberts

Eddie is a self-confessed Galanthophile having first got hooked when finding hundreds of Galanthus nivalis in his first winter in his current garden in Shropshire.

Over 44 members and visitors crowded into Wall Village Hall on a sunny afternoon to hear a really interesting talk about Snowdrops.

Every year from October onwards Eddie can be found on his knees checking out his collection and looking for any special ones amongst the many flowers.

The talk started with a tour of Shropshire Churchyards which seem to be an ideal place to view masses of flowers every year. This is possibly due to small parish churches having clear connections to large houses where the owners many years ago would have been the only people with the wealth to buy expensive bulbs and plant in their grounds. Gradually over time the bulbs have moved into the churchyards where they lie relatively undisturbed.

Excerpt from Newsletter Article by Pat Orme


Plant of the Month

January 2020

Hamamelis × intermedia ‘Barmstedt’s Gold’

Hamamelis are deciduous shrubs with broadly ovate or rounded leaves, sometimes colouring well in autumn, and fragrant yellow to red flowers with 4 narrow petals, borne on the leafless branches in late winter and early spring.

‘Barmstedt Gold’ has large, fragrant, deep golden-yellow flowers on the bare twigs in late winter and early spring; with yellow leaves in autumn.