February Meeting 2019

It was a packed house for our talk about Hedgehog rescue, Joan Lockley provided us with lots of information interspersed with humour. Joan runs West Midlands Hedgehog rescue almost single handedly, she has some volunteers who help with collecting sick or injured hedgehogs and fund raising.  Joan has cared for about 8000 hogs  and around 600 a year are admitted to the purpose built “Hedgehog Hosprickal”.

At the end of of the talk Joan introduced us to one of her hedgehogs, he didn’t seem to mind all the attention he was getting showing they can be quite tame. Hedgehogs are endangered but as you can see there are things we can do to help them, and of course they will return the favour by eating the slugs in the garden.

Excerpt from Newsletter article by Jane Norris


Photos by David Glennon & Pat Orme

February 2019 002

Helleborus orientalis

February Plant of the Month – Pat Haddock