February 2015

Colour and Texture in the Garden – Duncan Coombs

Members gave Duncan Coombs a warm welcome when he visited Wall in February for his talk on Colour and Texture in the garden. He began by explaining that Colour and Texture is a subjective issue as we all have different ideas what works or doesn’t therefore it is always a very individualistic choice.

But again and again he stressed that it was at the end of the day a matter of personal taste as all garden design is subjective and we should garden to suit ourselves.

Duncan always gives an excellent and informative talk and has a relaxed style encouraging us to ask questions and debate some of his ideas. I am sure many of us went away with food for thought even if we did not always agree with combinations he found worked but didn’t for us, after all design is subjective!

Excerpt from an article in the Spring group magazine by Pat Orme