April Visits

It was a bright and chilly day when we arrived at our first garden visit of 2019.

Having such a mild winter and plenty of warm days in April perennials were beginning to show themselves in the borders. Daffodils, Primroses and Snowflakes “Gravetye Giant” were in abundance bordering the stream that meanders through the far end of the garden. The Kitchen Garden was laid out as a Parterre bordered by box hedges with a line of Italian Cypress trees grouped at the far end. There was a greenhouse and a stone built store and planting bench area that was a very attractive addition to the garden. The Italian Cypress trees are dotted throughout the garden along with Acers, Catalapa, Beech and Yew Hedging giving the garden  form and perspective. The garden about an acre and half is bordered by Cotswold Stone Walling and altogether making it a quintessential English Cottage Garden.

Excerpt from Newsletter article by Haydn Williams

In the afternoon we visited  Conderton Manor, round the side of the house Peony’s were  in bloom also the rose Banksey on the side of the house . My rose and Peonies are only just showing colour now. I thought it must be sheltered but when we looked you could see for miles, in fact they could see four counties, The Malverns one side, Breedon Hills in front The Cotswolds and the Cotswold Escarpment as you looked left to right.

Excerpt from Newsletter article by Pat Haddock