April Garden Visit

Saturday afternoon saw us visit a lovely garden that had once been part of a farm

Below is an excerpt from the article written by Pat Haddock for the group magazine

On the land there had been an open coal mine which had been closed when her father was alive, but the Coal Board asked if they could open it again and they agreed.  When they were taking the coal they built a 15 foot high bank of soil about 25 feet away from the house but they were very happy because it kept the East wind from the house, usually the wind comes straight from Lincoln so it helped with the garden. When they had finished getting the coal they made a large lake and planted a wood for the owners who were very happy with this. They have tried to plant wild primroses and wild flowers along the meadow but it just didn’t work but Mother Nature lent a hand and has planted primroses and they are growing with speed, they think that the ants are moving the seeds around.

CGS Derbyshire (54)